The Prep will offer summer sessions and camps for a variety of ages and interests! 点击下面的信息开始了解更多.


St. 约瑟夫’s Prep offers summer enrichment offerings to current Prep students who meet the listed prerequisites. 参见下面的课程描述.

全学分课程: 6月12日至7月21日




  • 生物学

    这门课程是生命科学的入门课程.  Its major objective is to give the student an appreciation and understanding of life processes. The introductory course focuses on several themes in the life sciences: diversity and the unity of life, 生物的相互依存, 进化和科学是一个过程. 主题包括分子生物学, 分子遗传学, 细胞生物学, 新陈代谢, 经典遗传学, 微生物学, 植物学, 动物学和人类生物学. Laboratory work using the scientific method with an emphasis on data analysis is emphasized. The scientific method is highlighted in learning how to write a lab report.  Laboratory work is an integral part of the course with students developing skills with the microscope, 适当的解剖技术和基于计算机的实验室方案. 

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Freshman Physics I and approval by Department Chairperson.
    生物学- SCI201 - 1学分
  • 化学

    This course provides the student with a fundamental grasp of chemistry which includes using scientific measurement and lab 技术, 物质分类, 气体的行为, 液体和固体的特性, 原子结构, 周期性, 化学键, 平衡, and theories and reactions of acids and bases as well as kinetics and thermochemistry.  Some of the skills that a student will achieve during the course include 解决问题 技术, 分析思考, expressing ideas with clarity and logic; significant figures/rounding off of calculations, 正确使用研究项目/报告, 以及利用数学关系来预测结果.  Labs are structured to enforce the understanding of the chemical topics taught within the classroom setting.  Students are required to develop and apply the scientific method in producing a lab report based on his experimental results.   实验室既是物理实验,也是基于技术的实验.

    化学 taken in a summer school program does not qualify a student for AP 化学 or AP 生物学.

    化学- SCI 301 - 1学分
  • 美术

    This semester course focuses on developing compositional and design skills using the elements and principles of art. 学生们将学会表达自己的原创想法, 用视觉形式和设计作品表达自己的想法,传达意义. Students will work in the art studio to develop ideas through a variety of media, 技术, and materials that will be further developed and finalized on the computer using the Adobe programs Photoshop, Illustrator和InDesign. 学生将在整个学期学习, 如何做到彻底, 深思熟虑的, 他们的视觉思维也很开阔.  Students will be given projects, problems and themes to address and solve. Historical and contemporary examples of design will be viewed throughout the semester for inspiration. 通过讨论, 写反思, and critiques students will learn to evaluate and revise their own and others’ work throughout the artistic process.
    多媒体设计I -½学分

    Upon successful completion of this course students will be eligible for 多媒体设计II

    本课程是多媒体设计I的延续. Second semester students will delve into more complex design challenges and create self-directed projects related to design problems they propose. Using the elements and principles of art students will create designs that merge practicality with aesthetics and form with function. 在每个单元中,学生将探索创意策划等概念, 设计思考, 解决问题, and hands-on construction as applied to possible creative design fields such as Graphic Design and Advertising, 用户体验/ UI设计, 纺织品设计, 产品设计, 网页设计, 电子游戏设计, 数码摄影, 和动态图形学. Higher levels of refinement and craftsmanship will be expected throughout the course. 
    多媒体设计II -½学分
  • 历史与社会科学

    The 美国政府 course is designed to give students a critical perspective on government and politics in the United States.  The course will commence with an examination of the historical foundations that have helped to shape American government.  也, students will study how and why government functions in American society today. 本课程将使用大学水平的教材. Additional readings and documentaries will be scheduled for additional insights into current topics. 暑期阅读计划将于九月初进行评估.  也, students will be expected to complete a research paper designed to examine and explain some aspect of this course.  
    美国政府与政治- HIS301学分
  • 数学

    This course is designed for specially qualified students who have demonstrated above-average ability and interest in mathematics and who have a strong desire to study Calculus [particularly AP Calculus] in the following year.  The course presents content similar to that in MAT301 as well as optimization, 参数方程, 极坐标, 圆的二次曲线和方程.  Students are also expected to encounter more challenging exercises and homework assignments.
    Prerequisite:  93 in MAT202 or passing score on placement test offered in the Spring in conjunction with departmental approval.
    荣誉微积分预科- MAT302 - 1学分
  • 宗教研究

    在本课程中, students will embark on an exploratory survey of contemporary approaches to environmental ethics from within the Christian tradition. 除了学术建议和解释框架, 灵感的传统神学来源, 实际规范应用, and reporting on current 问题 facing the global ecological community will be considered for review. 大部分笔记作业将由主题组成, 问题, and written material pertaining to recent developments within the field/discipline of Christian environmental ethics [approx. 1960年至今), although some material outside of the time period will be presented to help frame the discussion.